Elections for Management Committee

As discussed at last year's Team Representative Meeting, we will be holding elections for positions on the Management Committee for 2020.  The following positions are up for election.  Please note that the current incumbents will be offering themselves for re-election.  The role of President is not an electable position, Simon Fletcher holds that position for life, unless he resigns.

Treasurer - Current incumbent: Michael Allum
Fixtures Officer - Current incumbent: Martin Inglis
Media & Communications Officer - Current incumbent: Richard Baker
Disputes Panel Chair - Current incumbent: Mike Rios-Hall
Player Representative - no incumbent
Player Representative - no incumbent

To be considered you must be a player within a team in the SCPA.  Application by email only, to scpadisputes@gmail.com Please send an email, stating your name in full, the team for which you play and the role for which you would like to be considered.  The application should be accompanied by a brief resume detailing any skills and experience that you feel would be applicable to the role you seek to occupy together with the name and team of a seconder.

All applications should arrive no later than midnight on January 31st, 2020.

If you have any questions regarding your application you can call Mike Rios-Hall on 07799607312, or email him on mgrh88@gmail.com.  The vote will take place at the Team Representatives Meeting to be held on February 6th 2020, with each Team Representative  (one per team) having a single vote for each position.

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