General Update 14th August

Finally we are all starting to get out to have a few games – the singles league and comeback cup are now in full flow and the Winter league registration closes today so fixtures can start within 2 weeks!

In the singles league 3 of the 4 divisions have been decided with Martin Inglis & Matt Conway winning their leagues undefeated and Baillie Inglis winning his with one defeat – in division D it all depends on the Hugh v Jamie fixture on Monday subsequent to which the top 8 seeds will go to knockout phase…..

In the cup we are close to a semi final line up with Matt v Martin confirmed and Darryl to play either Baillie or Mike, the semi’s and final venue will be voted on by the 4 semi finalists and both rounds will be played on the same day.

In the comeback cup all but 1 division has seen matches played with some groups already decided, including Group 1 where Eels Foot 3 have secured top spot, Group 2 where Beaux Belles are unbeaten after completing their games and Group 5 where Hilbaillies are assured of top spot with a game to play – once all groups are completed within the next 3 weeks we will go into the knockout phase in a gold/silver and bronze competition with the draw unseeded in each.

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