Unplayed Games Scoring Change

Due to the changes in the points system for this summer seasons league matches, the management committee have addressed the potential for problems arising from awarding scores for unplayed matches. With the season due to start this coming weekend, we have thought of how to make the penalties relevant. We had many fewer unplayed matches last season and are hopeful that this trend will continue.

It has always been the aim to penalise those who do not play matches, whilst at the same time not penalising other teams in the same division by providing an unfair advantage to the "wronged" party. For this reason we have decided that the "wronged" party will be awarded a 3-0 victory (hence 3 points) and a plus 18 shots difference. The party found to be at fault will not receive any points at all and will suffer a minus 18 shots difference.

Whilst discussing this issue it gave rise to a decision that there are technical defaults where teams cannot agree a time and venue to play the match within the six week rule. This will be dealt with as above. However there is what, you may call a physical default where a time and venue has been agreed and one team does not turn up. This happens rarely but does happen. On one occasion, three members of a team decided to go shopping instead. In this instance the Disputes Panel reserve the right to allot penalty points to such infringements.

These changes are to be applied in normal circumstances.

The Disputes Panel will, due to the current Corona Virus/Covid-19 scare, be looking at all unplayed matches depending upon the circumstances and how the situation evolves. As usual common sense will prevail.

Currently Petanque England have issued guidelines that suggest that handshakes and kisses be substituted with the (very French) elbow bump. They, like us, will be monitoring the situation going forward.

With best regards - Mike Rios-Hall - Chair - Disputes Panel

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