2021 Doubles league details

In addition to the Summer Cup this year we will be running a doubles league across the whole summer – each team can consist of 3 named players but only 2 can play in a particular match. We have 38 teams registered so far but be quick as the closing date is 16th April! A match will consist of 2 games with 3 points to the winner, 1 point for the draw, but in the event of a draw an extra point will be awarded to the team with the aggregate high score. The league will be around 9 teams each with 8 games to be arranged between the teams involved, we are catering for daytime only players in a league and will look for some geographical limitations unless teams specifically indicate they want to travel further field.

The league will run between late April and September and break into gold/silver & bronze knockout once the fixture list is complete – entry fee is £10 per team and all entries via martininglis@hotmail.co.uk please !

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