Winter Woolies Triples Tournament

Winter Woolies Open Triples
Sunday 21st January 2024
Flint Hall, Creeting St Peter, near Needham Market

At our new venue of Flint Hall, near Needham Market, we are proposing an Open Triples event this coming January.
It will be a Triples Event, with your entry fee being inclusive of freshly baked pizza, teas and coffees. If you have any special dietary requirements, you need to let us know BEFORE the event.

There are on-site toilets and kitchen facility. A 100-person covered seating area, patio heaters, pizza oven and “bar area” available. Bring your own alcohol if you want to.

This event will be limited to a maximum of 12 triples teams (this is NOT a melee event, so it’s up to you to make your own triples teams). Each triples will get to play 4 games over a 5-round format. The games will be 45 minutes long plus one extra end. Final positions will be determined by wins.

The majority of your entry fee will then be paid to Flint Hall for the cost of food and drinks, with whatever we have left to be used towards prizes. Spot prizes will be awarded on the day for achieving certain mystery achievements.

To register your interest in receiving an official invite to this event, please either respond to this post or email me directly at [email protected].

First come, first served based upon the date and time of your registering of interest.

To avoid any confusion, if you are registering your interest, please let me know who your other two players are, so that I don’t double-count.

NOTE…this is an absolutely new piste and is only a few months old, there are some hard areas and some soft areas as would be expected from a piste this young. So you know what to expect……


SCPA & SCR Proposed Calendar 2024

See below for the proposed calendar for 2024, which contains both SCPA and proposed SCR events.

Please send any feedback to [email protected].



Sunday 24/03/2024 SCPA Game week 1
Sunday 31/03/2024
Sunday 07/04/2024 SCPA Game week 2
Sunday 14/04/2024
Sunday 21/04/2024 SCPA Cup round 1
Saturday 27/04/2024 SCR Triples
Sunday 28/04/2024
Sunday 05/05/2024 Belgium
Sunday 12/05/2024 SCPA Game week 3
Sunday 19/05/2024
Sunday 26/05/2024 SCPA Cup round 2
Sunday 02/06/2024 SCPA Game week 4
Saturday 08/06/2024 SCR Qualifier
Sunday 09/06/2024
Sunday 16/06/2024 SCPA Game week 5
Sunday 23/06/2024
Saturday 29/06/2024 Moules & Boules
Sunday 30/06/2024 SCPA Game week 6
Saturday 06/07/2024 SCR Qualifier
Sunday 07/07/2024
Sunday 14/07/2024 SCPA Game week 7
Sunday 21/07/2024 Memorial/SCR Singles
Sunday 28/07/2024 SCPA Cup round 3
Saturday 03/08/2024 Eels Foot Cup
Sunday 04/08/2024
Sunday 11/08/2024 Memorial/SCR Singles
Sunday 18/08/2024 SCPA Game Week 8
Saturday 24/08/2024 Mind Your Boules
Sunday 25/08/2024
Sunday 01/09/2024 SCPA Game week 9
Saturday 07/09/2024 SCR Doubles
Sunday 08/09/2024 SCPA Cup Round 4
Sunday 15/09/2024
Sunday 22/09/2024 SCPA Game week 10
Sunday 29/09/2024
Sunday 06/10/2024 SCPA Finals cup & Plate
Sunday 13/10/2024
Sunday 20/10/2024 SCPA Presentations & Triples Finals

Winter Plate Draw

Following the completion of the first round of Cup games, the draw for the 2023 Winter Plate is now ready.

Round 1 of the Plate is to be played anytime between the 19th November and 13th January to allow for flexibility to play this over the Christmas period.

Round 2 of the Plate must be played before 21st January, so please be aware that if you arrange your Round 1 game towards the end of the permitted time, you could potentially leave only 8 days to arrange and play the next round. In this case you may want to speak to your potential opponent(s) and have a plan in place in advance.

Where a team is marked as Team Name or BYE (e.g. Huntingfield Arms or BYE), that team has yet to play their first round Cup match, and if they win that game then they will continue in the Cup and team drawn against them in the Plate will get a BYE through to Round 2 of the Plate. We hope that these teams are able to arrange their first cup match as soon as possible to allow time to play the plate first round if required.

Click here to see the draw.

License Survey Update

Thank you to all those who have taken time to complete the license survey for Suffolk Coastal Region.

So far we have 38 people who are considering taking a SCR license should we proceed with forming the region, and 37 of those would be interested in playing in the Inter Regional competition.

This is an excellent start, and if you have not yet completed the survey, you can do so by clicking here.

Appeal Decision

As the 2023 Summer Cup quarter-final match between Les Boulistes and Ol’ Shoes was not played by the deadline of 20th August, it was referred to the SCPA Disputes Panel. The decision of the Panel was appealed by Les Boulistes and two independent adjudicators from outside of the SCPA were asked to review the evidence provided by the two teams.

The Adjudicators decision was:
We both received the evidence submitted by the team making the appeal (Team A).and by the Disputes Panel that took the decision as well as the correspondence between Team A and the SCPA in relation to the appeal.

We reviewed the evidence independently and then conferred to come to our decision which is as follows :

We recommend that both Team A & Team B should be disqualified from The Summer Cup Competition for failing to play the match by the scheduled play-by date and that the team the winners would have played is awarded a bye through to the next round.

As a result of this case the SCPA disputes and appeal procedures will be reviewed by the Management Committee to ensure that a robust system, fit for purpose, is in place for use in the 2024 season.

Suffolk Coastal Regional IGM

Please find below notice and agenda of the Inaugural General Meeting for the proposed Suffolk Coastal Region.

Suffolk Coastal Region

Notice of Inaugural General Meeting
To be held at
The Riverside Centre
Sunday 15 October 2023 at 4pm

1. Apologies
2. Regional name and boundaries
3. Adoption of draft constitution
4. Election of essential officers:
President / Chairperson
Vice President / Vice Chairperson
5. Election of additional officers:
Website/Communications Officer
Safeguarding Officer
Membership Secretary
Competition Secretary
Regional Coach
Regional Umpire
Youth Development Officer
Regional Captain
6. Bank account and signatories
7. Regional precept
8. AOB

Presentation Day

We are holding our inaugural end of season prize giving and get together on 15th October 2pm - 4pm at The Riverside centre in Farnham - this will be an opportunity for everyone (winners or not!) to meet up socially - we have a capacity limit so would like to limit to 4 per team if possible but if you could please give an indication of numbers from each team wishing to attend it would be really helpful - please respond to [email protected]

The bar will be available and we ask that each team bring some snacks/nibbles - the prizegiving will include winter league and cup winners, triples league and cup winners and summer league/cup/plate winners and the Ladies League Division winners - all runners up in cup/plate competitions will also receive a trophy.

Winter League 2023

The Winter 2023 League tables and fixtures are now available on the website.

2023 Winter League

As there are a lot of new teams this year, we have made the two lower divisions Division 4a and 4b. The top team from each of the these two divisions will gain promotion to Division 3, with the bottom two teams from Division 3 being relegated to Division 4. The remaining teams in 4a and 4b will then be graded to determine their divisions based on our usual process.

Due to some teams dropping out, the above statement about Divisions 4a and 4b is no longer valid. Division 4 now comprises 8 teams who will play each other once.

Ladies League Finals Day

Following another hard fought season, we know the top 4 pairs in the Ladies League.

Seed 1 - Steph & Angie vs Seed 4 - Wendy & Julie

Seed 2 - Niki & Janet vs Seed 3 - Barbara & Jenny

As previously notified the Finals will be held on the 23rd September, and the venue is now confirmed as The Chequers Kettleburgh, start time 12:00.

We will have presentation drinks after the finals, and food will be available from 12:00 to 14:30 and from 18:00 onwards, however there will be no formal meal.