When two become three

Rather than the usual separate Pairs competition that is run through the summer, this year we are looking at having a Triples competition instead.

The reasoning is that we play pairs in the Summer league, and in the wider Petanque world most competitions are triples based. As those that have played in the Winter League may have discovered, triples can be a different game tactically, so we hope this will expose more people to the format.

Teams can be made up of 3 to 5 players to allow flexibility in playing matches, with matches to be arranged by mutual agreement, although the expectation would be weekday evenings through the spring and summer. The overall league structure will be decided based on number of entries, but each match will be 2 games to 13 points, with 3 points awarded for win and 1 for a draw (with a bonus point for team with the highest aggregate score in the case of a draw).

To enter a team, please email martininglis@hotmail.co.uk with your team players and home piste.