Summer League Knockout Stage

We are approaching the end of the Pool stages of the Summer League 2021, and as soon as the last results are in we will publish the draw for the Knockout stages. Please remember that all Pool matches must be played by 22/08/2021.

There will 5 separate Knockout tournaments:-

  • Gold - The 8 teams who won their respective Pool
  • Silver - The 8 teams who came second in their Pool
  • Bronze - The 8 teams who came third in their Pool
  • Copper - The 8 teams who came fourth in their Pool
  • Tin - The 6 teams who came fifth in their Pool

The top two seeds in the Tin Tournament will get a Bye to the Semi-Final stage.

Teams will be seeded based on the usual SCPA method, using the metrics below to split the teams:-

  1. Points per game
  2. Games difference
  3. Games won
  4. Points difference
  5. Points scored

Matches are the same format as the Pool stages, 2 rounds of 2 pairs, with a deciding game to be played if the score is 2-2. As per usual SCPA rules, this decider can be played by a pair who previously played together.