Appeal Decision

As the 2023 Summer Cup quarter-final match between Les Boulistes and Ol’ Shoes was not played by the deadline of 20th August, it was referred to the SCPA Disputes Panel. The decision of the Panel was appealed by Les Boulistes and two independent adjudicators from outside of the SCPA were asked to review the evidence provided by the two teams.

The Adjudicators decision was:
We both received the evidence submitted by the team making the appeal (Team A).and by the Disputes Panel that took the decision as well as the correspondence between Team A and the SCPA in relation to the appeal.

We reviewed the evidence independently and then conferred to come to our decision which is as follows :

We recommend that both Team A & Team B should be disqualified from The Summer Cup Competition for failing to play the match by the scheduled play-by date and that the team the winners would have played is awarded a bye through to the next round.

As a result of this case the SCPA disputes and appeal procedures will be reviewed by the Management Committee to ensure that a robust system, fit for purpose, is in place for use in the 2024 season.