Singles League Guidelines

Each player should play all players in their division both home and away - each match to consist of 3 games.

If any fixture cannot be fulfilled for any reason please contact - if one player has been repeatedly unable to fulfil a fixture then the other player will be awarded a 3-0 (39-21) victory, however if it is a mutual failure then a 0-0 void result will be awarded..

Fixtures are indicatively suggested for Fridays but this is purely a guideline and is down to players  to agree - however all fixtures should be completed by Friday 17th July.

Position in the league table is determined by the number of points (3 points for a 3-0 win, 2 for a 2-1 win and 1 for a 2-1 loss) . If two players have the same number of league points then points difference will determine relative position.

Cup & Plate

When fixtures are complete, the top 2 from every division will enter the cup knockout, and the remaining 20 players will enter the plate, seeding will be based on league performance.

Please email completed Scorecards to