Team Representatives Meeting 2024

The 2024 Summer Team Representatives Meeting is being held at The Riverside Center, STRATFORD ST ANDREW, Suffolk, IP17 1LJ, on Friday 16th February at 7:30pm.

As always, it is a requirement for all teams to send a representative to the meeting, and failure to attend may result in penalty point(s) being deducted from your team.

The Agenda for the meeting is below, please note that in respect of Item 9, we invite teams to notify us by next Wednesday 14th of Any Other Business that they would like brought up and discussed, that hasn’t been covered elsewhere in the meeting.


REPS MEETING 16th FEBRUARY 2024, 7:30pm


  1. Review of 2023 Season - SIMON
  2. Finances & Statement of Account - SIMON
  3. Review of 2024 Summer Registration & League Structure - MARTIN
  4. Updated SCPA Guidance documents - PAUL & RICHARD
    1. Arranging matches and scheduled dates
    2. League match rules
    3. Disputes Panel process
    4. Pool of volunteers for disputes panel - STEPH & PAT
  5. 2024 Summer Knock Out Cup Draw - MARTIN
  6. Dates of 2024 SCPA Events - MARTIN
  7. End of Season Presentation 2024 - RICHARD
  8. Other Trips, Special Events, Suffolk Coastal Region Update - SIMON
  9. Any Other Business