Dr. Beeching’s Sidings

Default day/time for League matches – Sunday @ 11.00 unless otherwise agreed with opponents.
Single piste – default is no dividing string when two games are be played concurrently.
Parking – either outside Sports Centre (Access via Twelve Acre Approach) or outside Community Centre (Access via Bell Lane).
Toilets available in Community Centre and/or Sports Hall.
Refreshments available in Community Centre (in addition to usual match hospitality).
Piste will be shared with Kesgrave Rollers.

Previously known as Westerfield Sidings

Division 3, Division 3, Division 3, Division 3, Division 5, Fazzino, Pool 7, Rocher, Summer Cup 2024, Summer Plate 2024
2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2022 Summer, 2022-Triples, 2023-Summer, 2023-Triples, 2024 Summer
Kesgrave Community Centre