Winter Plate Draw

Following the completion of the first round of Cup games, the draw for the 2023 Winter Plate is now ready.

Round 1 of the Plate is to be played anytime between the 19th November and 13th January to allow for flexibility to play this over the Christmas period.

Round 2 of the Plate must be played before 21st January, so please be aware that if you arrange your Round 1 game towards the end of the permitted time, you could potentially leave only 8 days to arrange and play the next round. In this case you may want to speak to your potential opponent(s) and have a plan in place in advance.

Where a team is marked as Team Name or BYE (e.g. Huntingfield Arms or BYE), that team has yet to play their first round Cup match, and if they win that game then they will continue in the Cup and team drawn against them in the Plate will get a BYE through to Round 2 of the Plate. We hope that these teams are able to arrange their first cup match as soon as possible to allow time to play the plate first round if required.

Click here to see the draw.